Governing for good

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Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations are increasingly important for business success. A sharpened focus is being placed on ESG matters by stakeholders, including potential corporate buyers, investors and partners, as they themselves continue to face greater pressures to uphold a higher standard across the industries and geographic regions in which they operate. For companies in the life sciences and healthcare (“LSHC”) sector, there is an inherent focus on social factors, and environmental issues (especially climate change) are now firmly in the mainstream. The “G” element in ESG has typically received less attention but its significance shouldn’t be overlooked because good governance is seen as a positive indicator and can be a business differentiator. Getting governance right upfront is key. This article, part of our Healthy Horizons guide to doing business responsibly in Life Sciences & Healthcare, addresses how good governance can mitigate legal, financial, reputational and regulatory risks and also create opportunities in a competitive market.

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