Surprising move for the developers – the Bucharest Tribunal restores Bucharest District 2 and 4 zoning plans


After the Centre for Sustainable Policies Ecopolis petitioned the court in April 2022 for the annulment of the District 2 and District 4 zoning plans (zonal urban plans or PUZs), on 28 February 2023 the Bucharest Tribunal rejected Ecopolis's action for lack of grounds on the merits of the case.

The rulings can be appealed within 15 days of their communication.

In July 2022, Ecopolis obtained in court, through a separate action, the suspension of the PUZs, pending the ruling of the first court in the PUZ annulment file.

Therefore, following the decisions of the Bucharest Tribunal, the suspension of the PUZs is no longer effective and both PUZs are restored. 

As of today, interested persons will be able to apply for urban planning certificates and building permits, based on the regulations of the PUZs for District 2 and District 4.

For more information on this ruling and urban planning in Romania, contact your CMS client partner or these local CMS experts: Roxana Frățilă and Alexandru Dumitrescu.