Sustainable construction: a key step on the path to net zero for life sciences and healthcare companies

United Kingdom

Life sciences and healthcare real estate is a growing asset class in the UK. The built environment in the UK is widely understood to be responsible for somewhere in the region of a third to two fifths of our carbon emissions. In relation to life sciences and healthcare specifically, a recent report between Health Care Without Harm and Arup estimated that, if the sector were a country, it would be the fifth biggest global carbon emitter.

In the drive to net zero, companies in the sector will need to find carbon savings where they can. As part of this, consideration should be given to how to build more sustainably when procuring the construction of new facilities or the refurbishment of existing spaces. This article, part of our Healthy Horizons guide to doing business responsibly in Life Sciences & Healthcare outlines our top five “hot topics”  for clients operating in the sector to consider when procuring works.

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