Driving the change Exploring the electric vehicle revolution in Türkiye


Electric vehicles ("EVs") offer a tangible opportunity to decarbonize transport and create a more efficient mobility ecosystem that complements the EU's green transformation policy goals. By investing in smart charging infrastructure, the EU is promoting sustainable, connected mobility. The introduction of electric vehicles also reduces dependence on imported fossil fuels and increases energy security and resilience.

EV market in Türkiye

The increasing use of electric vehicles worldwide is also having an impact on the market in Türkiye. The installation of charging stations in common areas of homes and buildings plays a key role in meeting the growing demand, as chargers installed in the living areas of electric vehicle owners make vehicle charging both faster and more economical.

In this regard, the Parking Lot Regulation (the "Regulation") prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development (the "Ministry") stipulates that electric chargers must be installed in newly constructed residential buildings and on newly constructed lots. In buildings with a prescribed number of twenty (20) or more parking spaces, the charging unit must be at least one (1) unit and at least 5% of the parking spaces must be designed for electric vehicles.

Further, according to the Regulation, at least 10% of the parking spaces in new regional and general parking garages and shopping center parking lots must be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles. In addition, it is defined that at least one of the charging stations installed in shopping malls with an area of more than 30,000 (thirty thousand) square meters and at least two (2) of the charging stations installed in shopping malls with an area of more than 70,000 (seventy thousand) square meters must have a fast charging capacity that meets the relevant standards.


With the acceleration of green and digital trends in the EU, the use of electric vehicles is spreading. This trend is also gaining ground in Türkiye. In this context, the regulation aims to facilitate the use of electric vehicles by installing charging stations in parking lots. For more information on the EV Regulation in Türkiye, please contact your CMS partner or your local CMS expert: Dr. Döne Yalçın, or Arcan Kemahlı.