On your radar | Key employment issues to be aware of internationally


We are delighted to share with you our latest and largest edition of On Your Radar, with contributions from 35 countries.
As ever, you will find employment law updates covering a diverse range of topical developments, for example:

  • Several countries report changes to their rules on hiring foreign workers – Hungary, Serbia and Romania.
  • Belgium explains that companies with over 50 employees must appoint a person of trust who plays an important role in protecting employees against psychosocial risks in the workplace including sexual harassment. At a time when employers are looking for ways to support their employees’ mental health, this provides insight into different approaches to tackle this pressing issue.
  • Germany discusses the use of generative AI in the workplace and a recent ruling that the work council (in this specific case) did not have co-determination rights in relation to the general use of AI. As our German colleagues explain, the decision prompts wider questions about the benefits and risks of generative AI in the workplace.
  • Italy’s hiring incentives also caught our attention. A social security contribution discount has been introduced for companies who hire mothers (with certain conditions attached). In addition, in order to fight poverty, companies can hire workers who receive the monthly allowance called the “Inclusion Allowance”.
  • Internal investigations are becoming more common in workplaces for a variety of reasons. Complex investigations can expose difficult legal issues as our Swiss colleagues discuss in a recent case.

Legislation, case law and employment law themes are all covered in this bumper edition. We hope you find it useful.

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