Top developments and predictions in the Technology, Media and Communications sector in Asia-Pacific

APAC region

We look back at the top developments over the last 12 months in the technology, media and communications (TMC) sector and we look to the future with our top predictions for the coming year for businesses operating across the Asia-Pacific region, specifically in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Over the last year, mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore demonstrated their commitment to fostering a secure and innovative digital landscape by introducing a range of new regulations and measures. From cross-border personal information transfer and artificial intelligence service management to data security and combating cybercrime, these initiatives strike a balance between protecting the rights of individuals and enabling the growth of the TMC sector.

As we look to the future, businesses can expect greater relaxation of data export requirements, which will help unleash the full potential of data as a key driver of economic growth. Additionally, more legislation related to artificial intelligence is expected, which will create a more supportive environment for companies looking to invest in cutting-edge technologies.

Our experts will be closely monitoring these developments and predictions during the course of the year, providing regular updates and analysis through free platforms such as our eAlert service, Law-Now, LinkedIn at ‘CMS Asia Pacific’ and on WeChat at ‘CMS Asia’.

For now, we hope you find our reflections on 2023 and our predictions both interesting and helpful as you plan for the year ahead.

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Article co-authored by Oliver Wick, Trainee Solicitor at CMS, and Adel Hamzah, trainee at CMS Holborn Asia.