Hungary: Important change to consumer protection laws


The most important changes it introduces are as follows:

  • consumer protections will apply to businesses acting outside the scope of their economical or professional activities;
  • distributors will be obliged to fulfil product marking obligations if the manufacturer fails to do so;
  • there are changes to the rules on displaying prices on products;
  • there are new complaint management rules dealing with complaint recording, deadlines for answers, retention periods and opening hours of customer service offices;
  • there are changes to the procedural rules for consumer protection cases and the sanctioning rights of the Consumer Protection Authority (NFH).

CMS Budapest will monitor the bill’s passage into law and, to help businesses comply with the new rules, will produce a detailed summary of key changes and a review of companies’ existing consumer protection practices.

On 12 June 2012, we will be holding a free, interactive seminar as part of our "Breakfast & Learn" series, where businesses can learn more about the new rules and join in an expert discussion on their practical implications. The planned date of the event is 12 June 2012. Invitations will be sent out soon, and details will also be available on our website.

Law: Bill No. T/6467. on the amendment of Act CLV of 1997 on Consumer Protection