Brexit - what next?


We are also pleased to share our earlier webinar recording 'Helping financial institutions deal with the risks from a changing EU and Brexit' (April 2016) delivered by Paul Edmondson (CMS UK), Joachim Kaetzler (CMS Germany), and Kaspar Landolt (CMS Switzerland). This webinar was designed to offer European and UK views on Brexit and help European groups with Brexit contingency planning. You can view the recording or download it to your mobile device.

You may also be interested in our forthcoming webinar (5 July 2016) 'Helping financial institutions deal with Brexit - perspectives from London and Frankfurt'. This webinar is relevant to groups in any part of Europe or beyond. The speakers will address the key areas of potential change and risk for financial institutions. The speakers are (CMS UK) Simon Morris, Will Dibble; and (CMS Germany) Joachim Kaetzler.