Nabarro advises new property crowdfunding platform TRE in Manchester


Nabarro has advised Transcendent Real Estate Limited (TRE) on the launch of its new crowdfunding platform which offers investors the opportunity to acquire an interest in UK commercial real estate assets.

TRE is a dedicated commercial property crowdfunding platform that was launched by James Nichols, a chartered surveyor with more than 15 years' experience, who was previously at WHR Property Consultants & Savills.

TRE enables investors to invest in individual commercial properties. Each investment into a specific commercial property comes with a business and exit plan. Once the property is fully funded, all investors will receive a quarterly dividend subject to the tenants paying the rent under the terms of their lease and the business plan being followed until the end of the hold period. The intention is that the property will then be sold and the initial investments returned to investors, along with any profit from the disposal.

Leading the Nabarro team was Financial Services Regulatory partner Sam Robinson, assisted by Corporate partner John Finnemore and Financial Services Regulatory associate Oliver Digby.

Head of Financial Services Regulatory and partner at Nabarro, Sam Robinson said:
“TRE has opened up commercial property investment to investors which may previously not have had access to this type of investment. With our combined award-winning expertise in real estate and financial services, particularly in relation to crowdfunding, we were able to apply our cross-sector experience to assist in the launch of this innovative crowdfunding platform.”

Commenting on the launch, Founder and Investment Director of TRE, James Nichols said:
"TRE was an idea developed as a result of seeing excellent deals that I personally would like to invest in myself but not having the resources to do so. Commercial real estate investment has previously been an area only generally open to high net worth individuals and institutional investors with significant amounts to invest.

"TRE allows investors with available funds from £5,000 upwards the opportunity to invest in commercial property."

TRE has already secured bank funding together with an exclusivity to purchase commercial property in Manchester City Centre and has a pipeline of further opportunities which will be launched shortly. TRE will soon be seeking crowdfunding to raise the rest of the capital to complete these acquisitions through its platform.