The New Individual Responsibility Regime - Extending it across the Financial Services Industry


Our brochure looks at each of the key elements of the new regime, assessing how they will apply to non-banking firms. With its proposals, the FCA has built on how the new regime has been implemented with banks, but has included several new elements that take into account proportionality, which will benefit smaller or simpler firms and impose additional requirements on those firms that are the largest and most complex.

We review in turn:

1. The basic structure

2. The designated senior management functions

3. Allocation of responsibilities to senior managers

4. Statement of responsibilities for senior managers

5. Management responsibility maps

6. The conduct rules

7. References

8. The certification regime

9. The duty of responsibility for senior managers

10. Application to UK branches of EEA and third country firms

Our brochure is available to download here.

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