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    Países Bajos

    Dutch Supreme Court rules EVs falling short of claimed range are non-conforming

    In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands has held that an electric vehicle (EV) that fails to achieve the advertised range under normal driving conditions does not conform to the contract of sale and can be returned by the buyer. This ruling may have significant implications for the automotive industry and consumer protection in the Netherlands where electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, but also subject to a growing number of disputes over performance.The case involved a buyer who purchased an electric car that was claimed to have a range of 480 km according...
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    Poland proposes draft law on general product safety

    GB PL
    On 11 June 2024, a draft law on general product safety appeared in the Polish government's legislative and programmatic work list.The proposed law is part of the EU-wide revision of general product safety rules and is being drafted to ensure the correct application of the EU Parliament and Council Regulation 2023/988 on general product safety (EU Regulation 2023/988).The provisions of EU Regulation 2023/988, which outline the requirements for general product safety and the obligations of businesses, go into effect in December 2024, and only to narrow extent require development into the national...
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    Gambling Regulation: Opportunities and Challenges 2024

    The gambling sector in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is constantly evolving, driven by regulatory changes that are shaping the industry. CMS is excited to present the third edition of our comprehensive expert guide, the CEE Guide to Gambling Laws, which explores the legal landscape of gambling and offers expert advice on regulatory matters and recent developments.Gambling Regulation: Opportunities and ChallengesThe liberalisation of gambling regulations is creating new opportunities in some jurisdictions, while others are imposing stricter legislative controls, narrowing the legal avenues for...
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    Upcoming new Law on the Protection of Youth in Films and Video Games in Switzerland

    1. IntroductionIn September 2022, the Federal Act on the Protection of Minors in the Area of Films and Video Games (JSFVG) was passed. In view of recent technological advances, such as online streaming and digital distribution platforms, and in connection with these respective evolving consumption patterns, this law aims to improve the protection of minors from potentially harmful content in films and video games, such as explicit violence, sexual content and intimidating scenes, which could negatively influence their development. Following the law's passage, the consultation period for the accompanying...
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    Obligation to include a "No Russia clause" in supply agreements

    For some export transactions, re-exportation to Russia must be contractually prohibited. Model clauses present conflicts with German law on general terms and conditions.Companies must keep abreast of the sanctions against Russia, especially when it comes to export transactions, and as far as possible prevent any attempts by their customers to circumvent these sanctions. Companies have been aware of this for a long time. What is new, however, is that since 20 March 2024, companies are legally required to explicitly prohibit re-exportation to Russia or re-exportation for use in Russia in...
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    United Kingdom

    Proposed UK consumer legislation now clamps down on drip pricing and fake reviews

    The draft Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill (the “DMCC Bill”) has recently been amended (on 13 March 2024) following the Report stage in the House of Lords to include measures that prohibit drip pricing and address fake and misleading reviews. The 3rd reading in the House of Lords will take place from 26 March 2024. The updated DMCC Bill now includes prohibitions on drip pricing, a practice that involves adding unavoidable hidden fees to the advertised price of a product or service. As the Government notes, drip pricing can mean consumers are ‘baited’...
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