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    United Kingdom

    Latest UK consumer law developments

    In January 2024, the Department for Business and Trade published its response to a 2023 consultation entitled “Smarter Regulation: Improving consumer price transparency and product information for consumers” (“Consultation”). The Government consulted with the ultimate aim of improving the quality and accessibility of information provided to consumers and enabling them to make informed decisions about products they purchase. For more information about the Consultation, please refer to our previous Law-Now: UK Government announces Consultation on consumer protection reforms.Soon...
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    Hungary makes changes to labour law, occupational health and safety at work

    Hungary has initiated a series of legislative amendments to laws governing labour, occupation health and safety at work, some of which already entered into force on 1 January 2024. Specifically, Hungarian lawmakers passed amendments to Act I of 2012 on the Labour Code, Act IV of 1991 on the Facilitation of Employment and Unemployment Benefits, and Act XCIII of 1993 on Occupational Safety and Health and certain OSH decrees.The following article outlines the changes to labour law in Hungary brought on by these amendments.1. Amendments to Act I of 2012 on the Labour Code and Act IV of 1991 on the...
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    Ukraine launches State Register of Sanctions

    On 29 January 2024, the President of Ukraine by the Decree No. 36/2024, approved the Decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine “On Approval of the Regulation on the State Register of Sanctions”. On 1 February 2024, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine launched the State Register of Sanctions on its website. The Register provides free public access to up-to-date and reliable information on persons and entities subject to Ukrainian sanctions.The Register is available in Ukrainian and English, and consolidates information regarding Ukrainian sanctions...
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    New Draft Regulations on the Proposed Numerical Sectoral Targets

    On 1 February 2024, a second round of draft regulations on the Proposed Numerical Sectoral Targets ("February 2024 Regulations") were published for public comment in the Government Gazette. The February 2024 Regulations are currently open for comment for 90 days from the date of publication (ending on 2 May 2024).Under these regulations, the Minister of Employment and Labour ("Minister") can classify different national economic sector targets that will define which companies, that operate in South Africa, will be deemed "designated employers". The classification of a designated employer will be...
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    Romania transposes EU law on representative actions

    On 23 December 2023, new legislation entered into force in Romania on the conduct of representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers, which transposes the EU Directive 2020/1828.The newly regulated concept of representative actions will enable litigation to proceed more rapidly and cost-effectively, especially against large companies. As a result, the act could potentially change business in Romania through its approach to consumer disputes.Representative action“Representative action” is defined by the law as an action to protect the collective interests...
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    Belgian Competition Authority sanctions Le Creuset for resale price maintenance

    GB FR
    On 13 December 2023, the Belgian Competition Authority imposed a fine of EUR 490,112 to the cookware retailer Le Creuset Benelux for imposing resale prices on its distributors.The Belgian Competition Authority ruled that over a period of six and a half years, Le Creuset engaged in anti-competitive practices, particularly in relation to prices. Le Creuset's recommended resale prices to its distributors were found to be, in effect, resale prices imposed through regular checks and pressure tactics on distributors in the event of non-compliance with its pricing policy. The Competition Authority also...
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