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    CMS Life Sciences Vital Signs, Winter 2023

    2023 has seen some significant legal developments impacting the life sciences industry, and as we look ahead to 2024, there are several important developments which we would like to keep our clients informed of.In the UK, beginning in January 2024, the UK will roll out a new International Recognition Procedure for medicines approved in trusted jurisdictions. There are also new public procurement rules on the horizon as the Procurement Bill has been progressing through the Houses of Parliament, with the aim to make the UK’s public procurement regime more efficient and transparent.In Europe,...
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    CJEU ruling on exclusive licences for mineral water springs, weighing in on an EU-Romanian legal conundrum

    On 21 September 2023, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled on an issue regarding Romanian policies on the exploitation of its mineral water springs, and clarified a matter that stands at the intersection of EUR competition law (Article 106 (1) TFEU and Article 102 TFEW) and the national policy making of an EU member state. The decision, which opposed providing the holder of an exclusive licence for exploiting mineral water the opportunity to renew every five years without a competitive process, underlies the complexities of reconciling national interests with broader EU mandates.  PreliminariesRomania's...
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    FSR dans le cadre des procédures de marchés publics et de concessions – Préparez-vous!

    Aujourd'hui, le 12 octobre 2023, l'obligation de notification et de déclaration en vertu du Règlement sur les subventions étrangères (FSR) et de son Règlement d’exécution dans le cadre des procédures de marchés publics et de concessions entre en vigueur. En tant qu'entreprises, comment s’ y préparer ? Le Règlement sur les subventions étrangères (FSR) en brefEn vertu du FSR, la Commission européenne a le pouvoir d'enquêter sur les contributions financières accordées par...
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    Race for Leadership: Energy Efficiency and Renewables Fund Seeks New Manager

    The Bulgarian Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund (EERSF) is currently in search of a new manager for a 5-year term, in compliance with local laws. Only legal entities or associations thereof are eligible to participate.EERSF administers the financial resources received by the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the current legislative framework and agreements with major donors.EERSF is structured as a self-sustaining commercial entity that focuses on facilitating investments in energy efficiency and promoting the development of a functioning energy efficiency market in Bulgaria. The...
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    Bulgaria to call for 4th tender for offshore Han Tervel Block

    On 23 August 2023, the Council of Ministers voted to open another tender for awarding the Han Tervel block, offshore Bulgaria. The licence is for prospecting and exploration of oil and gas for an initial five-year period with the possibility of three regular extensions of two years. Although no investor interest was shown in the previous three tenders for this block, the Council’s decision to conduct a fourth tender was linked to recent interest in Bulgaria’s offshore Han Asparuh block and offshore exploration in neighbouring Romanian and Turkish waters. The Council of Minister’s...
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    United Kingdom

    Use of AI in public procurement

    There has been a huge surge in interest in Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) technology in recent months as consumer generative AI tools are starting to become integrated into day-to-day life.As the technology rapidly advances, the private and public sectors are considering how they can incorporate AI technology into their organisations to create transformational change, to streamline processes and to increase productivity. When it comes to public procurement, bidders and authorities are thinking about how they could incorporate AI into a procurement process.  This article...
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