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    United Kingdom

    Recent UKCA announcement not all that it seems – yet?

    On 1 August 2023, the UK government’s Department for Business and Trade announced its intention to indefinitely extend the period of recognition of CE marking for a wide range of products. The announcement could herald a change of course which many businesses will welcome; the implication being that manufacturers and importers will now be able to choose whether to use the EU’s CE conformity assessment procedure and affix affected products with a CE marking, or use the UK’s assessment and UKCA mark for Great Britain (“GB”), beyond the existing December 2024 deadline,...
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    Key changes for companies related to the new General Product Safety Regulation

    On 30 March 2023, the European Parliament adopted the General Product Safety Regulation for consumer products, which replaces the General Product Safety Directive of 2001 (2001/95/EC). The Council must formally approve the text before it can be published in the Official Journal of the EU and enter into force. The Regulation's validity begins 18 months after it enters into force.One of the most significant changes to the European non-food consumer product safety landscape in years, here are the 16 key changes:1. Recognition of the fulfillment service provider as an economic operatorThe fulfillment...
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    Middle East

    The legal framework for sustainable family businesses in the Kingdom

    BackgroundThe new Saudi Companies Law issued through Cabinet Decision No 678/1443 is a landmark legislation that has sown the seeds for a sustainable family business ecosystem. The provisions regarding family businesses introduced by the Companies Law are in pursuance of the economic objectives underpinned in the country’s landmark Vision 2030.Family CharterMost importantly, the Companies Law has introduced an institutional legal cover to family businesses. The founders, partners and shareholders of family-owned enterprises can now conclude a “family charter” (or a family constitution)...
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    République Tchèque

    Czech Republic issues new comprehensive obligations for consumer protection

    On 16 November 2022, the Czech President signed an Amendment Act, which changes Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., the Consumer Protection Act, as amended. In addition to implementing EU Directives 2019/770, 2019/771, 2019/2161, the Amendment Act rectifies former errors in implementation of EU Directives, and both strengthens the protection of consumers and provides significant new obligations to retailers. The Amendment Act will become effective on the 30th day after its publication in the Collection of Laws, which is expected soon. The main changes...
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    England and Wales

    Winter is coming - Face masks, face coverings and bullet-proof waistcoats...

    A case commentary on the UK IPO decision in OPTIPRO and related regulatory advice on face masks As we head into the winter flu season many of us will be reflecting on last years lockdown and ensuring our Covid and flu jabs are up to date. Whilst face masks, in all their guises, used to be for just doctors, dentists and builders, as the sniffling on the train and tube increases there’s an increasing number returning to the ‘comfort’ of the face mask. As a frequenter of the Waterloo & City line, where we’re often packed like sardines, I have to say I’m half minded...
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    Istotne zmiany w zakresie od­po­wied­zial­ności karnej pr­zed­się­biorstw 

    GB PL
    Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości przedstawiło projekt, który radykalnie zmieni zasady odpowiedzialności karnej przedsiębiorstw. Projektowana regulacja istotnie zwiększy zakres ryzyk dla przedsiębiorstw. Dotychczasowa regulacja była rzadko stosowna (kilkanaście spraw rocznie) i orzekane były stosunkowo niskie kary (nieprzekraczające zwykle dziesiątek tysięcy złotych). Najważniejsze proponowane zmiany to: Drastyczne podwyższenie kar - kara pieniężna od 10.000 zł do 30.000.000 zł (zamiast maks. 5.000.000...
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