How does RegZone work?

Find articles and reports either by using the search box (in the top-right-hand corner of the page), or the drop-down menu (in the navigation bar). The drop-down menu is organised by sector areas; click on one of these to see a list of topic pages related to that sector.

Topic pages are an important part of the RegZone: they gather together all the articles, reports, news and app data relevant to a particular topic, sector, body, or item of legislation. Content on these pages is also filterable by country, based on the 'country filter' setting (in the navigation bar).

To receive emails from the RegZone, you will need to register by clicking the 'sign up...' button (in top-left-hand corner of the page); this is also necessary in order to view any bespoke content for which you may be eligible.

Once you have registered, the 'sign up...' button will change to 'manage my RegZone'; click here to change your settings as and when required.

Apps are another key feature of the new RegZone: these display information relevant to a particular topic or article at the bottom of that page; click the 'access the full database' button on an app to view it full-screen with additional search and filtering options.

This is just a quick guide to getting started with the new RegZone: to find out more about the site, and how to use all its new features, please see our list of frequently asked questions which you can find below.

Click here for FAQ's for standard users.

Click here to view an example of a daily digest.

Click here to view an example of an eAlert.

Click here for our training material.