Competition Act Start Day

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The Competition Act 1998 comes fully into force today, 1st March 2000.

This means:

* anti-competitive UK arrangements are prohibited

* abuse of a dominant position in the UK is prohibited

* fines of up to 10% of turnover (and for up to 3 years)

* the OFT has power to use a warrant to enter and search your premises, to ask questions, and to take away papers, computer disks, diaries and other materials

CMS Cameron McKenna's most recent survey, published on 1 December 1999, found that dozens of major companies had taken no positive steps to prepare for the legislation.

How will you survive the new competition regime? You could:

* come to our competition law reforms briefings and seminars (details on our website)

* ask about our Competition Survival Pack.

For further information please contact competition partner Susan Hankey by e-mail on [email protected] or dd. 0207 367 2960