New residency permit scheme in Shanghai


Shanghai is reportedly to enhance residency rights for such applicants as it believes can boost the city's development. Under the new scheme, a Residency Permit will be issued to individuals who hold a bachelor's degree or possess special expertise considered vital to the development of Shanghai. The new scheme applies to:

  • people from the mainland China outside Shanghai
  • people from Hong Kong and Macau
  • overseas Chinese nationals having overseas permanent residency
  • foreigners

Under the scheme, holders of a Residency Permit will be treated virtually the same as permanent residents and will be entitled to a number of special benefits in the areas of social insurance, children's education, procedures for entry into and exit out of China, patent protection, housing and applications to set up a business. The Residency Permit will be valid for between one year and five years, depending on the industry to which the individual belongs.

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