What happens to TV when content meets the cloud?

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This article was produced by Olswang LLP, which joined with CMS on 1 May 2017.

On 25 June 2014, the US Supreme Court pulled the plug on Aereo's TV streaming service, ending a long-running and bitter courtroom battle. Aereo is the highest-profile test case to date of disruptive technology stretching the boundaries of existing copyright laws.

Olswang's international team of digital media and technology specialists is today publishing two new reports looking at what happens to TV when content meets the cloud.

1. Aereo and the future of cloud TV

In this report, we provide an analysis of the Aereo decision itself and consider what it might mean for the media and technology industries around the world.

  • Analysis of the Supreme Courts decision in Aereo
  • Asia: The outlook for cloud TV in a connected Asia
  • France: Bleak prospect of success for an Aereo-like service?
  • Belgium: The Bhaalu case rolls on
  • Germany: A shift from rights infringement to right's acquisition
  • Spain: New reform proposals further support content creators
  • UK: Aereo and TVCatchup: Different courts, different laws, same result
  • What does the Supreme Court decision mean for cloud?

2. Content meets the cloud: Updated in light of recent cases

This updated version of our "Content meets the cloud" world map and report looks at how cases like Aereo have been decided in courts around the world, from London to Tokyo and most major markets in between. We round up here the case law to try to establish the state of play in the market, picking up on common issues emerging across jurisdictions and considering how these issues will shape the industry as content meets the cloud.

  • The copyright question
  • What is a cloud PVR?
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Cablevision case in the USA
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Wizzgo case in France
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The TvKaista case in Finland
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Save.TV and Shift.TV case in Germany
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Ental TV case in South Korea
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Optus case in Australia
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Aereo case in the USA
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The TV Catchup case in the UK
  • Cloud PVR Litigation: The Bhaalu case in Belgium
  • Catching up with the cloud - whats next for cloud PVR?