Ukraine cuts time for energy producers to obtain feed-in tariffs


On 24 July 2019 Resolution No. 1481 On introducing amendments to the Procedure for Holding a Public Discussion of the Draft Resolutions (Resolution) approved by the National Commission that Performs State Regulation in the Spheres of Energy and Utilities (Regulator), which is an amendment to an earlier resolution No. 866 passed in June 2017, entered into force. The Resolution eliminates the need to hold public discussions for obtaining feed-in tariffs in the renewable energy industry.

Starting from 24 July 2019 the Procedure on Public Discussion is not applicable to obtaining of the feed-in tariffs and this is indeed a positive change, which will reduce the time required for obtaining the feed-in tariff.

Until now, public discussions of draft resolutions were mandatory before tariffs could be established by the Regulator. Because this procedure also applied to the feed-in tariff rates for RPPs, these producers were forced to wait significant periods of time for approval, which included the following steps:

  • Five-to-15 calendar days for a public discussion;
  • Three business days for the publishing of the results of the public discussion by the regulator;
  • An unspecified period for holding open sessions with the Regulator in accordance with initial resolution.

The Ukrainian text of Resolution No. 1481 is available at this link.

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