CMS Scotland Construction Focus 2020


Following the recent CMS Construction Focus seminars in Scotland - we are pleased to make available a written summary of the topics covered in our annual review.

Looking back over 2019 for the construction industry in Scotland, the old chestnuts of challenges remained prevalent: low margins, cash flow, debt levels, the need to stabilise balance sheets, passing of risk and the race to the bottom on price. However, despite that, and evidencing the resilience of the contracting sector, we still detect optimism and a reasonable degree of confidence in the sector as we move into 2020. For an in-depth review of past trends and future developments, download a copy of CMS Scotland's Construction Focus 2020, covering:

  • Construction trends from 2019 including: Collaborative Working, Offsite Manufacturing and Payment
  • Legal updates about: Class Actions, Prescription, ADR and Adjudication
  • Future trends for 2020 including: Employment, Building Safety Reforms, and Sustainability
  • Legal issues for 2020.