UOKiK fights against unfair increases in product prices


The Polish Competition Authority (UOKiK) has appointed a special team to monitor sales prices - both in online and traditional stores.

These actions were provoked by information on the alarming increase in prices of certain food and hygiene products. The Authority announced that each such a case will be meticulously investigated and appropriate steps taken. For instance, charging unfairly excessive margins, contrary to the principles of social conduct, may be considered as practices which infringe the collective interests of consumers, which are subject to high financial penalties.

The Authority has also announced that it will intervene in cases of an unfair use of contractual advantage in the agri-food sector in relation to small and medium-sized enterprises whose contracts for the supply of products are not respected.

It has also not ruled out changes in the law that would introduce an additional set of sanctions for taking advantage of the fear of disease to increase product prices.