Screening foreign subsidies – only for state aid enthusiasts?


In May, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Foreign Subsidy Regulation. In our second DiGI POD episode, Roxana Kruse, Peter Giese and Moritz Pottek will present the key points of the proposed EU Foreign Subsidy Regulation and explain why this topic is relevant for mergers and acquisitions, public procurement and state aid.

With the proposed Regulation, the European Commission intends to complement the existing toolbox that so far consists of trade defence rules, direct foreign investment and state aid control. The proposal foresees a review tool for foreign subsidies, a notification obligation for concentrations and one for public procurement procedures.

Our experts will guide you through the ideas behind the proposal, explain what could constitute a foreign subsidy and walk you through the key aspects of the three tools and how the European Commission will enforce compliance with the proposed Regulation. Last but not least, our podcast will guide you through the next steps in the legislative procedure.

You can listen to the podcast here.