Tokenised Funds Series: Paper 2 – Regulatory considerations

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CMS has published a series of papers in collaboration with the IA. These papers explore the basics of tokenised funds, the regulatory and disputes considerations, and prospectus disclosures that may be necessary.

In this paper, we explore the regulatory considerations associated with tokenised funds. The first paper explores the basics of tokenised funds: what they are, why they can add value and how they work.

We hope these are helpful in explaining the technical aspects that the industry needs to consider to make them an effective proposition for use by members.

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For further information, please contact any of our experts: Sam Robinson, Christopher Luck, Charles Kerrigan, Kushal Gandhi, Duncan Turner, Aidan Campbell, John Finnemore, Stephen Hignett and Yasmin Johal.

This publication was first published by The IA in collaboration with CMS, in March 2021.