New guidebook to the metaverse published


In collaboration with CMS, Germany's digital association Bitkom has recently published a guidebook to the metaverse.

The metaverse is often seen as the next big thing in tech and "the future of the internet". However, the metaverse's business potential and legal framework have not been widely discussed in German business and society.

To close this gap, Bitkom, Germany's association for the digital economy with more than 2,000 members, has released a guidebook to the metaverse, which provides an overview of the metaverse regarding concept, technologies, business models, impact on society and legal aspects.

As a leading law firm in the field of information technology, CMS contributed a comprehensive overview of the current legal discussion and challenges arising.

The guidebook contains the following:

  • six theses on the metaverse;
  • the current state of the metaverse (e.g. technology, business potentials, foundations and development);
  • an introduction to the players, business models and use cases;
  • a deep dive into law and taxes as they pertain to the metaverse;
  • the relevance of the metaverse for society (e.g. opportunities for digital participation and the challenges around accessibility); and
  • an expert outlook on the future of the metaverse.

Click here to access the report.

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