Deadline for mandatory registration with Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry expires on 31 Jan 2023


In an effort to clamp down on scams using SMS and the spoofing of sender IDs, the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (“IMDA”) requires organisations which send or intend to send SMS messages with alphanumeric sender IDs (i.e. SMS labels with alphabets or a combination of alphabets and numbers typically sent through applications such as those provided by Twilio, Infobip and SmsDome) to register their sender IDs with the Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry ("SSIR") by 31 January 2023.

The consequences of failing to register are as follows:

  1. From 31 January 2023 to 31 July 2023 (“Transition Period”), all non-registered SMS sender IDs will be channelled to a sender ID with the header "Likely-SCAM".
  2. After the Transition Period, all non-registered SMS sender IDs will be blocked and will no longer be delivered to the intended recipients.

This registration requirement does not apply to person-to-person numeric sender IDs used by mobile phone users registered with their mobile operators in respect of SMS sent via SIM cards.

To register, an organisation will need a local unique entity number, as issued by relevant government agencies, and must first create an account on the SSIR portal. Once the account has been approved, the organisation will be able to log-in and reserve their preferred sender IDs. The SSIR will assign sender IDs on a first-come-first-served basis. The SSIR registration fees currently consist of (i) a one-time set up fee of S$500; and b) an annual fee of S$200 per sender ID.

Aside from the registration of sender IDs, all organisations must only use SMS aggregators which are licensed by the IMDA and registered with the SSIR, to send SMS messages to Singapore mobile users, from 31 January 2023.

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