CMS updates Global Expert Guide to Digital health apps and telemedicine


Digitisation is advancing steadily. Its pioneering innovations challenge all parties involved.

One of the most important aspects in this area is the huge potential that lies in the digitisation of healthcare.

In addition to technical challenges, there are a number of legal questions, some of which stray into new legal territory, causing additional challenges for healthcare and life science companies.

Is the software a medical device? Who should be liable if the digital health app is wrong? How is the sensitive health data protected?  What is the legal framework for telemedicine – the demand for which has grown significantly in the last year?

CMS Global Expert Guide to Digital health apps and telemedicine provides high level information on Digital Health Apps and Telemedicine in 24 jurisdictions. It offers a quick and simple understanding and comparison of the applicable laws. The Expert Guide covers, amongst other issues, regulatory aspects of the classification of digital health apps, data protection laws, as well as the legal framework for telemedicine.

Please view the CMS Expert Guide here.