Hungary’s pharma authority to merge with the National Public Health Centre


From 1 August 2023, the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) will cease to exist as an individual authority and will merge with the National Public Health Centre (NNK), as published in Government Decree No. 333/2023. (VII. 20.).

As a result of the merger, the NNK will be renamed the National Centre for Public Health and Pharmacy (Nemzeti Népegészségügyi és Gyógyszerészeti Központ, NNGYK) and will be led by Hungary’s chief medical officer, Cecilia Müller.

The new authority will fall under the governance of the minister for health, who is currently the minister for the interior, Sandor Pinter.

The Government Decree appoints the NNGYK as the governmental body for pharmaceuticals, which will, as the legal successor of the OGYÉI, perform all the tasks and carry out all the procedures after 1 August 2023 that were previously in the competence of the OGYÉI. The OGYÉI celebrated its 60th birthday last year as its legal predecessor, OGYI was established in 1962.

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