Ukraine launches State Register of Sanctions


On 29 January 2024, the President of Ukraine by the Decree No. 36/2024, approved the Decision of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine “On Approval of the Regulation on the State Register of Sanctions”. On 1 February 2024, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine launched the State Register of Sanctions on its website. The Register provides free public access to up-to-date and reliable information on persons and entities subject to Ukrainian sanctions.

The Register is available in Ukrainian and English, and consolidates information regarding Ukrainian sanctions imposed both by the decisions of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine and court decisions (on application of sanction in the form of recovery of assets in the State’s income under Article 4 (11) of the Law on Ukraine No. 1644-VII “On Sanctions”). This information covers:

  • grounds for imposing, lifting or amending sanctions;
  • list of sanctions imposed;
  • term of imposition of sanctions and their expiration date;
  • details of the relevant decision imposing sanctions;
  • state authorities responsible for implementing the decision on imposition of sanctions;
  • list of persons subject to sanctions and information for their identification;
  • information on the originator of the proposal to impose, lift or amend sanctions for each person subject to sanctions.

Currently, the Register contains information on 10,084 sanctioned individuals and 7,118 sanctioned legal entities. The data in the Register will be updated regularly (no later than the next day after the decision to impose sanctions is published or provided to the Secretariat of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine), and remain open to the public unless otherwise provided by law.

The Register provides an opportunity to obtain an extract in electronic form with information about an individual or legal entity subject to Ukrainian sanctions in English and Ukrainian.

For more information on the sanction’s regime in Ukraine, reach out to your CMS advisor or our local CMS team: Olga Shenk, Oleksandr Protsiuk.