Register of Damage for Ukraine is open for claims submission


On 2 April 2024, the Register of Damage for Ukraine opened the claims submission process for compensation for damage, loss or injury caused by Russian aggression against Ukraine. The launch took place as part of the Ministerial Conference "Restoring Justice for Ukraine" co-hosted by the Netherlands, Ukraine and the European Commission at the World Forum in The Hague.

As a reminder, the official website of the Register of Damage for Ukraine was launched on 4 March 2024. The website contains the following:

Currently, it is possible to submit to the Register only one critical category of claims – claims related to damage or destruction of residential property. Up to 600,000 claims are expected in this category. The claims will be filed digitally through the Ukrainian application Diia in Ukrainian or English language. There is no charge for filing claims.

A claim form containing a description of the information and evidence that claimants are required and/or are recommended to submit in support of their claim is available at the Register’s website and will be reproduced digitally in Diia.

In general, the claimants are required to provide information regarding their identity, property in question, submissions to the Ukrainian Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property (if any were made), information on the events that resulted in the damage or destruction of the property, description and evaluation of the damage and destruction (including by way of expert examination), and estimated amount of the claim.

The ability to make submissions to the Register for other categories of claims is expected to be possible in the near future. These launches will take place over several phases. For the full list of claims eligible for recording in the Register, consult the Register’s website.

The second phase of claims submissions is expected to focus on individuals most affected by the war, and claims related to damage or destruction of Ukraine's critical infrastructure. Other categories are expected to follow, including claims for loss of property, revenue, and other forms of economic loss.

For more information on the recovery of damages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, contact your CMS advisor or our local CMS team of experts: Olga Shenk, Roman Gerasymenko, Sofiia Kostomarova, Oleksandr Protsiuk.