Euopean M & A Outlook


The CMS Corporate Group is delighted to provide you with the “European M & A Outlook” publication.

The economies of Europe are just beginning to see a return to economic growth, which may help to provide a needed spur to the long-awaited recovery in the M & A market. Numbers from the first half of 2014 show European M & A at its lowest in terms of value and volume for three years. While there may be some headline-grabbing transactions in play, particularly in the TMT sector, activity in the wider market remains suppressed which is perhaps surprising as many of the fundamentals underpinning the market are stronger than for some time. Historical data is always interesting but for M & A practitioners it is yesterday’s news. What we crave is in the crystal ball; a look at where the market is heading.

The purpose of this European M & A Outlook published by CMS and Mergermarket is to give you insight into how major players in the market see the immediate future, the challenges ahead and where the opportunities might lie.