Romania issues health regulations as land-based gambling and sports betting reopen


On 16 June 2020, the Ministry of Health issued Order no. 1088/2020, which mandates specific measures for land-based gambling and sports betting operators to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.

Land-based gambling and sports betting operators have been allowed to resume business on 15 June under the condition that they observe these health measures.

The regulation provides for a minimum set of rules that must be adapted by each company operating in the land-based gambling and sports betting industries, depending on the specifics of their activity, the size of their locations and other conditions.

The regulation also covers a separate set of measures regarding the way land-based gambling and sports betting operators should organise activities in their locations and among employees and clients.

Each land-based gambling and sports betting operator must issue its own procedures regarding sanitary safety at each location using – as a starting point – the measures provided in the regulation, as well as other recommendations issued by the competent authorities.

As we previously reported, these measures should be carefully implemented considering the potential criminal or administrative liability for exposure or risk of exposure to COVID-19 to staff, business partners and the public. Failure to observe health and safety regulations regarding COVID-19 could lead to penalties of up to 12 years imprisonment for individuals and a criminal fine of approximately EUR 430,000 for companies.

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