Top developments and predictions in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector in Asia-Pacific

APAC region

In this round-up, we look back at the top developments over the last 12 months in the life sciences & healthcare (LSHC) sector, and we look to the future with our top predictions for the coming year for businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2023, China enhanced rules for the management of human genetic resources. It also intensified regulatory oversight in the sales of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cosmetics, particularly in the realm of online sales. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government is actively working on unlocking the city’s potential in the Life Sciences & Healthcare (LSHC) sector. Singapore has strengthened its guidance on data protection in the LSHC domain and implemented the third and final phase of the Healthcare Services Act 2020.

In the Year of the Dragon, China will continue its anti-corruption efforts in the LSHC sector and further enhance the foreign investment environment in biopharma and  healthcare. It will also advance the distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the Greater Bay Area. In Hong Kong, legislators will persist in their endeavours to introduce legislation regulating medical devices, and the city will strive to establish itself as Asia’s leading clinical innovation hub. Singapore is committed to strengthening regulatory oversight of health information, providing healthcare providers with increased guidance on cyber and data security, and preventing abuse and harassment in healthcare.

Our experts will be closely monitoring these ongoing developments and predictions during the course of the year, and will provide regular updates and analysis  through our various free platforms: the eAlert service, Law-Now, LinkedIn at ‘CMS Asia Pacific and CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector’ and WeChat at ‘CMSAsia’.

We hope you find our reflections on 2023 and predictions for the future of interest as you look to the year ahead.

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