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    United Kingdom

    Buil­ding Safe­ty Act Re­gis­ter opens next month: a step-by-step gui­de to re­gis­tra­ti­on

    A new National Register of higher risk buildings in England is due to open in April 2023 (the “Register”).  The Register, set up by the new Building Safety Regulator as a consequence of the Building Safety Act 2022 (the “2022 Act”), is due to open for first registrations in April 2023.  All existing occupied higher risk buildings in England are to be added to the Register. This is expected to apply to around 13,000 existing buildings. The deadline for all of those buildings to be registered is 1 October 2023.The 2022 Act is coming in force in a staggered process....
    EU, UK

    Get­ting Brex­it Do­ne? The UK Re­tai­ned EU Law and what it me­ans for UK com­pa­nies

    If the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill is passed in its current form, nearly 50 years of EU-derived rules and regulations that had become part of the fabric of UK law across a wide range of areas will disappear from the UK statute books on 31 December 2023, unless the relevant department persuades Government to keep the statute. Businesses should therefore consider whether they wish to make representations to any relevant departments to influence decision-making on the statutes they definitely want to keep, or lose.What is the UK Retained EU Law?Following the UK’s decision to...

    Sun­ri­se pe­ri­od of the Uni­fied Pa­tent Court to be­gin 1 March

    After the final version of the UPC Rules of Procedure had been adopted and the judges of the UPC had been selected and appointed, the start of the Sunrise Period, originally planned for 1 January 2023, was postponed to 1 March 2023.Reasons for the postponement of the start of the Sunrise PeriodAccording to an "Implementation Roadmap" published on 6 October 2022, the Sunrise Period was originally to start on 1 January 2023 and the UPCA was to enter into force on 1 April 2023. However, this timeline was changed again by a communication of 5 December 2022. According to the new timeline, the Sunrise...

    The Fi­re Safe­ty (Eng­land) Re­gu­la­ti­ons 2022 ha­ve co­me in­to ef­fect as of 23 Ja­nu­a­ry 2023

    The Building and Fire Safety legal arena has evolved considerably over the past few years. The Fire Safety Act 2021 amended the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) and clarified that external walls, flat entrance doors and structures of buildings are all covered by the FSO and must be accounted for in fire risk assessments for higher risk buildings. The Building Safety Act 2022 reformed the building and fire safety regime during both the design and construction and in-occupation phase. As of 23 January 2023, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 came into force and applies to...

    Gem­ba Walks

    "Gemba Walks" can help enhance productivity and efficiency at the workplace. But what exactly are they and what regulations have to be taken into account? Definition and content The concept of the "Gemba Walk" was developed by the founder of Toyota Production Systems, Taiichi Ohno (1912-1990), to achieve continuous improvement in work processes. The term derives from the Japanese word "Gemba(現場)", which can be translated as "place of action", "true place" or "real place". The term "place" is to be understood literally here – in concrete terms, managers are supposed to conduct...

    Ukrai­ne ad­opts new le­gis­la­ti­on on work place ha­rass­ment

    The Ukrainian parliament has adopted two new laws aimed at protection against mobbing or harassment in the workplace. On 16 November 2022, parliament adopted the Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Preventing and Countering Mobbing (Harassment)". This law brings a definition of the term "mobbing" into Ukrainian legislation. Other new features of the law include the legal guaranties of protection of employees against mobbing as well as employer obligations to prevent and counter mobbing. The law came into effect on 11 December 2022. On 1 December 2022, parliament adopted...